What are the main barriers?

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  • Most organisations and Tech teams already had a full agenda before the advent of Covid, with its impact on staffing, working arrangements, financial pressures, and urgent need to innovate.

  • Even organisations and individuals who prioritise achieving Net-Zero may argue that Tech is the wrong focus. A more significant impact could come from: turning down our domestic heating, eating less meat, and travelling less. These are all actions we can take, but need not detract from a review of our tech.

  • Measuring carbon footprint is not straightforward for those starting the journey. In line with the saying “What gets measured, gets managed”, actions agreed at the Digital Leaders’ webinar started with measurements and agreed that targets are needed. However, figures aren’t readily available for most products and services and there are different standards[1] The expert organisations in the field charge for their consultancy. This makes it difficult for a Tech team to decide which areas to prioritise and prove their effect.


  1. Different standards: e.g. GHG Protocol Product/Organisational/Value Chain Standards; PAS 2050; ISO 14064; ISO 14067. Some cover organisations; others are for products. Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_accounting ; https://www.iso.org/news/ref2317.html .