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What are you going to do?

Many of us hear the phrase 'net-zero-carbon' without stopping to think what it really means or how we might achieve it. How do we contribute to the 2030 climate challenge targets and how do know if we're helping or making things worse!

At RIBA we feel we need to collaborate and share examples of good practice so that we can all learn fast!

So with that in mind, we're asking for your examples and case studies of initiatives to achieve net-zero. Put simply, what are you going to do?

Perhaps you have carbon-related questions or concepts where you'd welcome more clarity and input from your peers? We want to make this wiki page an area for collaboration. So please answer the following questions and include your name and LinkedIn handle next to your comments for further engagement.

So if you want to join the debate and contribute to the conversation please email with your name and LinkedIn URL for RIBA to approve you as a contributor.

Where are you in your carbon impact-reduction journey?

What small actions have you taken? And what’s the result been?

How are you negotiating pre-existing infrastructure/contracts – will you reassess in light of carbon reduction?

How has your knowledge of tech carbon impact affected your procurement processes?

Is ‘always on’ technology – and customer expectations – compatible with tackling the tech carbon impact?